“We all have a time in our life when we truly need someone who is an expert in their trained field and then some. After a debilitating spine injury and a previous lackluster physical therapy experience, I knew I needed to find that someone to help me get well again.  Luckily a family friend referred me to Brenda Kaplan, of Finest Physical Therapy in Montvale, NJ.  Brenda brings her years of training and experience to each individual client with encouragement and fortitude.  If it wasn’t for her constant guidance and belief that I could once again have an active, healthy life I wouldn’t be on the wonderful path I am today.  I owe so much to Brenda, yet so thankful to have found her.  Now, I can “pay it forward” and refer her to others.”

Jodi K. Hillsdale, NJ

“I have been to two institutional and two private therapists for an arthritic hand, bad back and two total knee replacements.  Brenda Kaplan was the only one who provided lasting relief.  She has a true concern for her patients.  She is extremely knowledgeable and imaginative during her treatment.  She is hands on and has the ability to relate and interact with all different personalities.  She has a special way of removing all your stress during therapy sessions.  She is my first and only choice for a Physical Therapist.  She will put the bounce back in your step!”

Richard H. Pearl River, NY

“Brenda is very knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with each individual patient because she is able to work with all types of injuries.  Her range of knowledge is limitless.  She was able to answer all of my questions without hesitation and showed me additional exercises I could perform at home.  I have never felt such a relief of pain until I started seeing her.  She is very personable and makes each session enjoyable.  If you are seeking a physical therapist, I would highly recommend Brenda.”

Julie H. -- Pearl River, NY

“I have suffered from chronic neck and back pain throughout most of my adult life. I finally decided to visit a physical therapist and what a difference it made in my life.  After one visit with Brenda, of Finest Physical Therapy, I noticed a significant decrease in my pain.  Brenda provided one on one physical therapy and educated me on an exercise regimen to perform at home to help continue my progress.  I highly recommend Brenda, of Finest Physical Therapy for her expertise, professionalism and genuine concern for her patients.”

Marjorie D. East Rutherford, NJ

“Working with Brenda is nothing less than amazing.  She has an outstanding  treatment philosophy that includes treating each patient on a one on one basis as well as holistically by really getting to know you.  She genuinely cares about each and everyone she treats and is always focused on getting you pain free and healed.

In addition,  it’s important to her that she continues to expand her knowledge by exploring a large variety of different treatment methods and modalities.  You are definitely not just a number nor will you get treated by the same old methods. Being treated by Brenda will be one of the best decisions you can make!”

Suzanne G. Mahwah, NJ

“I highly recommend Brenda Kaplan as a Physical Therapist as she is the BEST in her field.  She takes a personal interest in her patients and goes above and beyond in her efforts to help.  She is very knowledgeable, listens and makes realistic suggestions to alleviate pain.  She suggests various exercises to do at home.  Since Brenda has worked on me, I have felt a dramatic improvement.  I am so happy with Brenda’s treatment that I have repeatedly returned.  If you need a Physical Therapist, go to the best – Brenda Kaplan.  You will be glad you did!”

Carole H. -- Pearl River, NY